Sunday, July 22, 2012

Global as well as local situation alarmingly worsen

Things are actually moving crash landing in China and India.

I am least bothered about China. But things are not great in India which is good news for the common man of India.  IT which is the leading sector and probably important reason which hyped up the real estate prices in India is being screwed. Infosys is almost done thanks to K.V.Kamath. Almost 1 lakh engineers are in bench and it is fast rising. New orders are not forth coming even to TCS who is leading player in IT.

Now RBI is tightening screws at one end. God is playing his part perfectly by controlling the monsoon rains. Even though "let cut rates" lobby succeeds in cutting rate this month, it wont be helping corporate brokers. They are doomed.

Godrej comedian is again at CNBC with his begging bowl. Last heard he get into Real Estate in partnership with some European pension fund. Now we know the reason why he is begging for a rate cut.

Still now the government is not ready to touch the blood sucking real estate sharks. However news of sales dip by more than 40 to 50% is music to ears. This is further worsen. I am still patiently waiting for that
FIRST REAL ESTATE INVESTOR'S PANIC SELLING...which is going to cause a crash in Indian Real Estate market.

We have such fools at helm of affair :(

Read the above article wherein somebody who is regarded as a economic wizard talks rubbish. These bufoons not bothering about people dying due to inflation. They are hell bent to save the asses of corporate mafia and media brokers.

What a tragedy?