Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What is RBI's mandate?

According to Indian Finance Minister RBI mandate is

1.  Allowing the inflation to flare up to more than 10% for continuous 5 years thus breaking ordinary citizen's backbone

2. Reducing rates to benefit corporate mafia.

3. Appeasing real estate sector by
       a) By reducing rates every month
       b) allowing them to raise money from foreign countries and speculate
       c)  turning a blind eye into their black money transactions

4. Printing money whenever government wants to spend

5. Asking traders to close their forex positions during currency volatility (most hilarious of all)

6.Should help share market nifty index and sensex at elevated levels

7. Not to hurt foreign investors

8. Allowing all public and private sector banks to bubble up the real estate sector by not following the norms of auditing in housing these housing loans monsters are threatening the banking sector stability

What else minister??

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