Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sucker Jokes by market Mafia - Car Sales

All along I have been maintaining that market manipulators spread false news which will affect unsuspecting investors. One such example I can show you from yesterday.

Yesterday Bajaj Auto declared sales figure for Month of December. For a person who wanted to show this as a good news he can easily show by putting a headlines that screams "Bajaj Auto Sales in December rises 10%." When you read into the article you would find that the 10% increase is as compared with December 2010. But what actually happened?

Compared with November there was a fall of 27% sales in Bajaj Vehicles. Now think.


Please compare the total car sales for maruti and hyundai for November and December ( December is supposed to be boom period for car sales with discount). I have observed there is a fall in sales between november and december.

January would be further worse. :)

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