Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mr.Subbarao, Please stand up like a man in this once in a life time opportunity

The IIP figures are painting a dismal picture as expected in this blog.

The corporate brokers like godrej and Mafia like ICICI,AXIS and HDFC Bank all started next set of rheoteric for rate cut. Do you remember this same guys pitched for rate cut last month and after rate cut did not pass on the benefit to the end users? Ok. let it.

Now shamelessly they started crying for next rate cut. They are worried about their balance sheet and their bonus and not bothered about the aam aadmi who is struggling in this high inflation. My receipe to Mr.Subbarao is simple.


If you do this, with 6 months all the froths in the economy will be cleaned up. Allow the failed corporates to fail. Put a curb of dirty practice of loan restructuring by our own banks. There is a huge scam to be unearthed here.

Alas, our rupee dangerously nearing 54 will make things different to RBI.

(to be continued)

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