Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This is too much guys

I read several news titles like ' RBI watches as Re slides', ' RBI could not control rupee slide', 'Is RBI failing' blah blah.

The same idiots arm twisted RBI into cutting interest rates mindlessly and stopped RBI from raising interest rates to adequate levels. Now we are paying the price for assuming 9% growth is given for India by lord Rama until sensex crosses 60000. Sorry guys. That is wrong.

Our woes has just started. The corporates are bleeding. Behind their smiles hidden are the fears of catapulation.  Blaming RBI is not the solution. Have we ever allowed to do its duty? Yes! true they got carried away little bit. But should we also agree that we are also part of the problem?

whenever they raise interest rates, we discouraged them by saying it is bad. We are so used to easy money. We ignored the guys who really saves. We proudly talks about Indian savings but offlate we forget the savings and we absolutely have no rights to criticize US and European countries. We are not giving any benefits to the guys who are depositing their hard earned money into bank. Believe me Guys, RE cannot appreciate continously.

Are we better than US Federal Reserve in printing? we know the answer right?

I wonder where these corporate brokers who pitched for rate cuts are hiding now? Mr. Bajaj, Mr. Keki Mistry, Ms, Shika, Mr.K.V.Kamath. ( yeah K.V.Kamath is busy in destroying Infy).

I hope rate cutting is not an option in RBI's armoury now. 

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