Sunday, August 26, 2012

Household Savings in GDP

The Household savings as a percentage is GDP is crashed to 7.8%. This is really a sorry state of affairs. But still the idiots who are running the show is not accepting this mistake and asking for further rate cut. Nobody is depositing money in the bank. Even Indians investment in equities are on the decline.

Many Indians who are investing in Real Estate and Gold. I do not know much about Gold ( even though I am sceptical about gold as an investment), but I am certain that people who invest in Real Estate will face the shock of their life soon. If Japan could not stop their real estate slide. Even mighty US could not stop their RE slide. who are we?

coming back to the point, I know many people who invested their hard earned money in real estatethinking that they can sell the real estate as their retirement fund. very interesting indeed.on one hand Chidambaram asking people to invest in money market instruments. On other hand he is pressuring RBI to cut interest rates. what a farce? We pride ourselves as a country to save and we boast exactly this is the reason that our banking sector is doing good. Now that is gone. What will happen next?


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