Sunday, October 14, 2012

Who are Mango people and what is banana republic?

Initially I got angry when I heard Robert Vadra said the famous 'mango people in banana republic' comment. After few moments I realised that he has not said anything wrong. Infact what he said is absolutely true. Some of the articles in Firstpost and Economic times suggest he indeed is an idiot. But honestly I don't think so. It is true that we are mango people. We turn a blind eye when politicians and corporates make huge money at our cost. Instead we praise them.  We are in a banana republic because instead of hard truth there is no action against any of the looters be it Vadra(DLF Scam) or A.Raja(2G scam) or M.M.Singh(Coal gate).

It is beyond the limits to my mango mind, when the highest court of the country says that auction route of one particular asset is wrong ( 2G, A.Raja is wrong, incidently he is an Tamilian and Dalit) and auction route is OK for another particular national asset ( Coal, Manmohan Singh is right). My mango mind is still confused. My mango mind did not bat for A.Raja but want Manmohan Singh also to be punished. As simple as it is. The so called intelligentia of our society, who ridiculed A.Raja for 1,76,000 crores chose to shut their mouth and other openings of their body about M.M.Singh where in his case the loss figures is around 10,00,000 crores.  No public agitation or outcry. Are we not Mango people in banana republic?

To control Dengue, here is an minister who suggest school children to use full pants to avoid Mosquito bites. He is also suggesting to kill female Mosquitoes. My mango mind thinks how would you identify female mosquitoes to kill or why not you kill all mosquitoes? No public agitation or outcry. Are we not Mango people in banana republic?

When my salary risen from 6000 to 60000 with no apparent or little change in my life style or savings it is very clear that it is not growth but inflation effect. No public agitation or outcry instead we are made to pray that real estate should not fall as our hard earned money is converted to flats we bought at exorbitant jacked up prices. Are we not Mango people in banana republic?

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