Sunday, June 9, 2013

A intelligent called Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar

Today I read one of the most idiotic article in the main stream media. The credit goes to renowned economic writer mentioned in the title of this article.

He suggested/supported to sell all the buffer stock kept in government godowns.  In fact he suggested to export this food stock. What is comical is this...

He said India needs 32 million tonnes every year as on July 1 in stocks. Even with proposed food security bill India may not need more than 42 million tonnes. But currently India has stock about 76 million tonnes. So he suggesting to export atleast around 25 million tonnes. What is intriguing is that he said by selling 25 million tonnes we will get around 10 billion US$ and he thinks it will bridge the current account deficit.

Dear sir, our current account deficit is in the tune of 60 - 70 billion$ and this 10 billion$ is peanuts and will go into the drain in a jiffy. But the food stock if used properly or given to people can last for another year. You may have born in a upper middle class brahmin family and may not know what is food security is....

However, I never read this guy talking sense in any of his article. He never advised government to increase interest rate so that all the rotten idiots in the indian crony capitalist system comes to ground. Never. he never did that. He always supported government's idiotic moves. Gives reasons for them. Give justification for governments anti-people move.

Dear sir,,problem lies in Interest rates....

Raise interest rates by atleast 2%. This will solve all our problems. Then we need not undergo the painful process of reading your half baked,self fulfilling articles.

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