Saturday, June 15, 2013

Any shame left Mr.Finance Minister?

Please go through the below article. This talks about ( actually justifying govt move) the pricing of the FPO of government issues. We need not go into the nuances of the issue. What I am trying to talk here is about the government idiotic disinvestment policy.

It is a pattern that whenever government announces an FPO, the stock is hammered in the markets. This shows government and company is in poor light. One tends to think that the market participants ( Foreign investors or brokers??) trying to take the price down before the FPO and get the stocks at throwaway price.  Should government budge to this tactics? This goes on to show that either the shares are already trading at huge premium or government is losing huge sums of money. Why we need to sell these shares at throwaway prices?

The latest share which is being affected by all these is IOC. It is one of the blue chip company and if I remember correct we were discussing about 400 Rs or more for IOC disinvestment. Even government postponed disinvestment because it felt the then price of 350 is less for IOC. But look at now. IOC is struggling at 250 and government shamelessly moving the file for disinvestment. I guess we can get IOC at 200 Rs through FPO process. As a retail investor we will get 20 shares and crores worth share will be bought by FII at throwaway price.

Now, I am seriously thinking Supreme Court should interfere and stop this nonsence. Any takers?

I expect comments pls guys.

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