Thursday, December 29, 2011

Are we stronger than China?

Are you kidding dude?

No! I am just telling how manipulated India markets are and how ignorant the general public is..Please go through this link and the see the expectations from BRIC's for coming 2012.

What is interesting here is that the chart given in the article. Almost all the 4 charts are looking strikingly similar but if you observe China chart, it is different from others. In china the recovery post 2008 is not huge.  After 2008 (Lehmann Collapse), Chinese markets are not insanely up like India. During 2007 peaks chinese index and Indian index both touched highs of 6000 above. But now Chinese index is languishing at 2200 levels and we are at 4700 levels. What is the logic here?

My point is Chinese behaved maturely in handling the crisis. That did not exactly 'excites' their equity markets but they are better off in main stream economy. Now they can afford to cut interest rates in case of crisis. Remember their steps to cut the Real Estate prices and other activities.

We, in India danced to the tune of corporate mama's/mafia's and corporate brokers and did not handled the issue maturely and tried to appease the equity markets and see where we are...

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