Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Corporate Parasites Stepping up Pressure to cut Rates

The coming 3 days will be very interesting as the corporate mafia and corporate parasites willl be stepping up the pressure on RBI relentlessly. It is the time for RBI to show some spine. But based on part history, I really doubt RBI would dare to do that.

Bankers are complaining their profit margins are reducing. So what? For the sake of country's economy  and to bring inflation under control, why not sacrifice some profits? If you believe in free economy then shall we open up everything? They also would know if we open up everything within a day our corporate sector will be blown off given the manner they operate.

Yesterday in a interview with MoneyControl Prime Minister's Advisory Panel Chief, Rangarajan clearly said, the dismal show by IIP data has not due to high interest rate alone. But the corporate parasites keep on asking about the rate cut.Corporate Mafia and Corporate parasites knew how to put pressure on govt and RBI and are doing that. They forgot in the process, they are doing harm to our economy in the long run

It is to be keep in mind that, already experts believe that during 2008 slowdown we have not handled things properly. Instead of putting things in order, we provide sops to corporate mafia which further boosts liquidity and property bubble and what not? We could have insist on some corporate governance etc but we did not.

We deserve what we get.

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