Sunday, December 11, 2011

We get what we deserve - Part 4 Final (Media and Greedy Investors)

In this series, I would like to write about the media's role in fanning the real estate bubble.

Easily the cheapest and silly media group of India is 'Times Group'. The have the most foolish people you ever see in their editorials and the guy (Arnab Goswami, who shouts 24*7  like a rat which lost its tail) in their channel is the best example for their standards.

Ever heard of media group owning real estate company?. That is times group for you.

And it is not rocket science to understand that you will only see positive news about the sector in their newspaper and unfortunately this is largest read newspaper in India. The less said the better about the media in India.  I remember one regional language author equates these media guys to pimps.

Investors also not helping to find the Real Estate Sector but I would not talk about them now and many of them are innocents and many got into this because of peer pressure. I remember few of my colleagues who got into housing loans 4 years back are still paying only the Interest and not even a fraction of principal amount has been paid due to raising interest rates.

I conclude this series and I would like to update my thoughts continuously about RE in this blog.

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