Thursday, November 8, 2012

hopefully time has come.....

Many banks are declaring huge fall in profits and huge rise in NPAs. There are declared and undeclared NPA's in Indian Banking System. Again, there is a difference between public and private banks in this aspect. Private bank in my opinion cook books more than public sector banks. If the declared NPA's are 2 % we can safely assume undeclaredd NPA's are atleast 10%. They say this undeclared NPA as 'restructured loans'.  Many banks are fighting this impending danger. Let us see how this pans out. I love to see the banks which fanned real estate bubble to suffer the most.

Obama win is not going to do any good for struggling Indian IT industry. IT industry which is major contributor for real estate bubble will find it tough to grow. Salary increases cannot happen like before.  One should note that the campus interviews are thud this year and the situation may not improve anytime soon. If we see 'the Hindu Opportunities' paper or 'Times Ascent 'paper we can understand the trend.

The sales of real estate is reduced by 50% in major metros and this trend is going to be intensified. Threatening poor RBI governor will not help. Allowing the bubble to burst would be good rather than saving the Real Estate Shark's ass

US, Europe and China is not going to grow anytime soon. I am really sick of calling the top for almost 2 years now. But I feel the time really has come. The more they support the more the fall would be.

But I am confused, how I would be positioning myself to face this??

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