Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2G Auction Comedy

 Chidambaram gamble backfired. They played with DMK and thought it is a win win for congress in 2G. Now they got egg on their face. our corporate earnings are big joke. IIP is comedy nobody with right mind believes. l All stock analysts are acting as if they are bullish because they have vested interest in keeping the stock markets up. We in for a great slowdown which will last for few years. That is how the nature pays back the blood sucking corporates, real estate sharks and politicians.... our corporate earnings bank earnings are nothing short of satyam style accounting. The worst is yet to come... C. Rangarajan and Montek singh ahluwalia are predicting inflation to come down `next month` for the past few years..... one wonders are they really that `educated` ? Do they deserve that respect they are given? god knows the answer.. w we all know Chidambaram and his plan. ..he wanted to keep the liquidity and inflation high until 2014 election.... god saves the country 

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