Thursday, November 22, 2012

Chidambaram puts pressure on banks

New article says Mr.P. Chidambaram finance minister this week asked public sector banks to bail out the real estate sharks. He has crossed all limits of governance and it is very disturbing to see a finance minister who is responsible for all the citizens well being stoop to such level.

The same minister immediately after assuming office in August has asked the PSB's to put pressure on builders to sell the unsold inventory. Now within few months what happened? Mango people naturally will think that some understanding has been reached between developers / builders mafia with the government.

 Without that, how can a foreign educated finance minister who is presumably well aware of the dangerous bubble engulfing the sector can ask the already struggling the government banks to bail out the developers who are the very reason for the impending economic collapse of the country? ( Long sentence ha)

God saves India.

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