Monday, December 17, 2012

PM woke up

Suddenly manmohan Singh woke up and said inflation is at unacceptable level. I trully amazed at this man's character. Is he really that intelligent as we think?

This has been going on in the country for past few years and it took many years for him to realise this thing. What is the answer he has for the savers who are f***ed by the governement policy of rewarding real estate brokers at the cost of Aam Aadmi?

Is he has any plans to bring the real returns for the common man who puts deposit in banks?

The reason for his sudden realization is this..

 " Now we have reached a situation where the inflation goes up automatically by 10+ percentage whereas the salary/wage hike is not happening in the same pace. Most of the money of Indian Inc is stuck in real estate as all the companies think instead of doing their core business investing in real estate would be a good bet. Now that causes strains in the system and Rupee value nosedives. In spite of record FII share investments in this year Rupee has reached 55 levels. The share of P-Notes also at record levels. Now this is scary situation for the people who know basic economics"

"Import bill is increasing hugely due to gold imports as people lost faith in this bunch of jokers who are mismanaging the country's economy. India has withered some financial sunami's only because our high rate of savings. Now since that is not there jokers are getting jerky"

" Cutting half percentage or even one percentage of interest rates will not revive growth of economy or the consumption boom as these jokers are expecting"

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