Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why rate cut?

The people of India wants to know why there should be a rate cut from RBI? ( read it as pronounced by Arnab Goswami in Times Now :)

1.Whether the inflation gone down below 3-4% which is the real comfort zone for RBI?
2. Whether the blood sucking corporates/real estate mafia agreed to reduce prices?  Is it anybody's guess when government and RBI is floating such messages as 'cheap money', 'rate cut' how the hell the real estate developer will reduce the prices?  Are we loosing common sense?
3. Where is rupee heading?
4. Where is our export heading?
5. Is there a sign of import reducing?
6. What about our gold imports? Is it not rising only because of our low real interest rates? Is it not cheating on the poor poeple who trust on Indian Banking System?

Govt may have vested Interests, but RBI should not have.

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