Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Budget wishlist 2012

Mr. P. Chidambaram is going to present budget this year and I see the following announcements

1.  Diesel prices will be raised by 20 Rs per Litre and the all the money collected will be given to the struggling car makers who are living in below poverty line.

2.  Tax concession for housing loan will be increased to enable more sales in housing market so that the poorest of the poor such as housing brokers and the builders to eat at least square meal per day.

3.  Interest rates such as Repo rate will be reduced by 5% and the CRR will be abolished in order to bring out the money deposited wastely in banks by the super rich people of India. The poor corporates who are dying without money will be benefitted.

4. Steps will be taken to increase the real estate prices  to another 50% so that the common lazy man of India will work hard to earn more money to realise his dream of having own house. This decision is taken in the best interests of common man so that he works hard.

5. A task force will be set up to find  the other natural resources unsold in the country so that the next budget deficit can be funded.

               (to be continued)

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