Tuesday, February 5, 2013

gonna to celebrate :)

Mr. Chidambaram has exhausted all his options and now has only empty promises to offer in his forthcoming budget.

The signs are peaking and the crash is imminent.

  • Banks are bleeding          
  • Real estate is struggling
  • Job growth is stalling
  • Car sales are tumbling
  • Rupee is crashing
  • Inflation is raising
  • Money flow is stalled totally

All the above signs were positive some time back and now not all favorable  These are perfect recipe for disaster. The people who expects Chidambaram to bring some magic miracle solution for all these problems in the budget speech will be in for rude shock.  Indian economy will pay for its master's sins and this will become very ugly.

I suggested all my friends and relatives to liquidate their investments in shares and real estate. I don't know about other investment vehicles. Better be in cash.

The start will be a crash in share market followed by real estate. Then bad news will follow. Banks will start reporting more ugly set of numbers from March 2013.

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