Friday, February 15, 2013

Open letter to Chidambaram

Dear Mr.Chidambaram,

You have the image of an intellectual in the country. That is true to some extent. But have you ever wondered why still you are not having a decent support base among the masses in your native state. You very well knew that you cannot win any election in Tamil nadu without the support of one of the Dravidian parties. Even with that support, last time you won under dubious circumstances. You know the reason? You may not know...I will tell you...The reason is PEOPLE DO NOT THINK YOU ARE DEPENDABLE, TRUSTWORTHY and unfortunately THEY THINK YOU ARE NOT HONEST. Exactly for that reason, I am quite sure you will lose in the coming elections.

People are not wrong in their assumptions. Your actions seems to be that you are always working for corporates and you know the values of Indian corporates. With cronies they can never survive. Basically we are a country who sell natural resources to foreigners to make a living. Let us see your recent actions

1. When you assumed office last year, you started right on target by saying builders have to reduce prices to keep the economy going. Suddenly you stopped talking about that. After few months you started singing exactly opposite tune by saying people should start buy from these blood sucking builders by 'whatever prices they quote'.  Even though you do not tell this in exact words, you actions of asking banks to bail out the builders is telling exactly that. Why do you want to bail out the builders? Do they deserve it?

2. When countries like china and other ASEAN countries got cheap money due to FED, they built infrastructure, bridges etc. What have we done? We have built apartments that too sub standard ones. Dont you see most of the money we got is converted into illiquid and unproductive apartment complexes.

3. Now you are after the companies and individuals to collect the taxes.  I did not see a co-ordinated effort from the IT department against the builders? Do you know it is impossible to buy an apartment without any black money? Is it not a shame?

4. It shocked the honest people to see that a few handful of individual cases in Bangalore resulted in huge amount of crores of unaccounted money. ( Case of builder - owner agreement).  What about others?

5. When you rob the savers of the country to pay the blood sucking corporates, what is your heart is telling? When you put terrible pressure on reserve bank to cut rates( it is actually doing terrible injustice to the people who live dependent on bank interest) what do you think?

6. Do you think the consumption slowdown we face now is normal? No sir. It is abnormal.


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  1. Hey Really like your open take on PC. Would love to read Your thoughts on Today's Budget!

    BTW I liked this one too

    so after reading your above post, it feels there's a fishy side in Budget too. Awaiting a Reply!