Thursday, March 14, 2013

Account transfer divestment

Nowhere in the world you will see the novel divestment which is happening in India. We impotent stake holders of LIC does not have the backbone to question the day light robbery enacted by the government.

Yesterday LIC bought 46% of RCF shares which made available for sale. If this is how, we make our divestments, then why a process? just directly make the accounting entry which can be done by a LDC ( lower division clerk) in 5 minutes..why to have a process ?

What a joke?

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  1. Bending the rules and gaming the system is the national pastime. And since no one teaches their kids morality or ethics any more, the biggest crooks are often the most revered.
    Resulting in a national ethos which is barely above that of a pickpocket or a small time criminal.