Friday, March 15, 2013

Cobrapost - It does not surprise me :(

Employees of Indian private banks


are caught red-handed agreeing to convert black money into white money. Does it surprises anybody? My answer is big NO.

The bank employees are just puppets. They inherit this character from their bosses. Their bosses come on TV daily and beg/pressurize the RBI for rate cut without a slightest regard for the common man who is affected by the inflation. By doing so, they say what is their priority is as their priority is year on year fat bonus in addition to pay check, 30-40% profit growth QoQ whichever way it comes etc.

They simply do not care about the ethics or economy. Do you think they are really serious about KYC etc. The public sector bank chiefs are far better in this count . A public sector bank employee will worry because there is a chance that he may be caught later .but I do not have any respect for SBI chief. See elsewhere in this blog about my views on SBI Chief and his circuses to extract rate cut from RBI.

It is worth to be noted that KV Kamath after spoiling ICICI bank is out there to spoil Infosys. Infosys job is half done and way to go Mr.K.V.Kamath.

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  1. Heard it yesterday! Rightly said these banks r just concerned abt their Qtr on Qtr profits, not abt economy.