Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Any hope for patriots this month?

FII bought huge puts this month. FII net buying coupled with increase in open interest shows it may be genuine put buying. If this is what I think, they market may tank this month itself and that is the much needed sentiment crasher for this mad country to come to ground. Let us hope and pray the god for a huge crash in share markets and then later on REAL ESTATE.

I have written my points in most of the blog posts. Scroll down and read all the blogs. My point is most of the ills we face now are due to REAL ESTATE business. Crony capitalists, idiot politicians and greedy industrialists caused all this mess and situation has reached a stage where in no business is ready to do a business where the margin is less than 40%. Everybody started thinking that investing in real estate for 6 months would give 100% return and hence all other business activities are stopped almost. Even if there are any, the expectations are huge.

Only Ratan Tata did not come on TV and begged RBI for a rate cut. All the other greedy industrialists come on TV and put pressure on RBI and Government to fill their coffers. RBI forgot their and played along with this idiots and now the country economy is total mess. For people who are still could not understand, let me tell have not seen the bust period and have only seen the boom period.

Now Government suddenly woke up and asking the foreign compaines and FII to pay tax  for all the legal and illegal transactions. Nothing wrong. But why suddenly? So it goes on to say that, if there is not problem for government they wont implement law and collect taxes and if something happens then only we ask the foreigners to pay taxes. What a joke?  I dont have slightest of respect to Manmohan singh, Chidambaram , Ahluwalia etc.

It is a shame that government is selling national assets in discounted price to the foreigners. Strange is that nobody talk against this act. Now people are more worried that their real estate investments should not go down. What a pathetic situation? This country to destined to see a slump  and will happen very soon.

 Subbarao to some extent is Ok. Initially he played along with government and industrials and later on understood his mistakes. But it is too late.


  1. Your articles are all correct. But there is little that can be done. There is no God who is going to save us. Situation is becoming hopeless, in less than 3 years there is going to be civil unrest. if no proper leadership emerges at center

  2. I am a businessman and I see exactly what you have written all around me.
    It is f*^king crazy out here trying to deal with all sorts of traders who believe holding out stocks another couple of weeks will ensure an even higher price than what is already being commanded.
    Its robbery all around and a complete reboot, or a boot in their asses is so sorely required.
    F%$king thugs!!!