Sunday, August 11, 2013

Comedy By Indian Government

Government it seems is resorting to talk up the markets. The idiotic approach which caused the huge problems to the country refuses to go away.

Government few days back stopped releasing GDP and Inflation data duirng market hours fearing market crash. The reason put forward was that the government want to avoid volatility in stock markets. But clever people understood what government is trying to do. The government went on to release feel good news ( or the news they think is good) during trading hours so that markets go up. Markets did not care a s*** and fallen hugely for the past few days.

Now again Monday government will announce some measures during market hours it seems. I love to see it to be bombed.

Another news is that sebi crackdown on bear cartels. It is ROFL comedy.  With the economy in deep shit, why do bear cartels sell your stocks? what are your MF's doing? Will you investigate that also..

Government is either trying to cheat public or barking at the wrong tree

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  1. when the ruee takes a hit all these corporates are going kabala for is coming
    US10y > 5% + coming in a few months