Thursday, August 22, 2013

Markets slap it on the face

RBI and government are working in tandem to rape the real savers of economy. To help a handful of people who get benefited from the banking system, they keep the entire Indian population to ransom by resorting to keep the interest rate artificially low for extended period for may be about 5 years now.

The system is screaming for rate hike but RBI is resisting the temptation to support the people who are in power. Also the government is successful in creating a section in media and as well as general public who can support rate cut. Most of them are idiots and few of them are interested parties who think that their real estate 'investment' will not lose value if the rates are cut. How pity?

Now yesterday RBI tried something and Mangoman thought that markets may rally for 1-3 days. But markets ( how cunning this animal is..) gave it right back at RBI and fell for about 2%. so now what?

Rupee is touching new low everyday. This is kind of record of sorts.

You have to read foreign media about the real damage to Indian economy.

wall street journal, economist, reuters etc are rapping india down. And many of them in the opinion that India deserve a downgrade. So what? WE WANT TO SAVE OUR REAL ESTATE GOONS. LET COUNTRY GOES TO HELL. am I right?

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  1. excellent logic ... RATES WILL RISE ...RBI wont be able to do anything at that point infact it may double from here and all hell will be on govt.IF they dont raise rates INR will depreciate further