Sunday, August 18, 2013

Worst fears have come true

Few weeks back mangoman argued that government is looking for some scapegoat for all their mistakes. And they have zeroed in RBI governor Subbarao. This is confirmed now .

Yesterday Manmohan Singh said 'fresh thinking' is needed from RBI in monetary policy. My blood is boiling. He, his finance minister and the people who pays him ( the corporate mafia) all forced RBI & Subbrao into lowering rates and shamelessly now talking about fresh thinking.

Saving Asses of real estate brokers is the single point agenda of Congress and Manmohan Singh by opening his ugly mouth shows what is he.

“RBI was committed to inflation control, not because it did not care for growth; but because it cared for growth,”  Subbarao Said. 

This is like a slap in the face. But still I dont think corrupt stooges would understand the message.

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  1. Mango: The roller coaster is getting exhilarating with US bond yields jumping up to 3.9 on 30 year bonds.Banks have no choice but to start raising interest rates(AXis,ICICI already started).Prudent savers will be "saved" and will get a fair return on their money.All those US NRI property investors must be rushing for the exits now.Unfortunately we need to rely on anecdotal evidence only to know where we are now in the property bust cycle.
    Mango,Time for you to get busy with more frequent with your updates!
    Best regards