Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mango's take on October 29

Raghuram Rajan raised the repo rate and signaled that he wants to attack inflation and he also made right noises about...

1. Inflation
2. Real positive return for savers
3. Importance for CPI

Meanwhile markets liked it, mostly they expected it as the bankers are gushing about the reduction in the MsF. Also the bankers get extra repo windows in 7-day and 14 - day. The FII's who drive indian markets are going to show new high in next few days ( possibly in 2 days)..will this bring retail investors into share market? I hope not.

Also whatever RBI eased is not going to help the corporate mafia and this will surely help banks to window dress their balance sheet for another 1 or 2 quarters. But surely the end game has begin for Indian banks.

Nationalized banks balance sheets are showing the true situation nowadays. Have a look at Syndicate bank and Maharashtra banks results announced in this 2 since 2 banks has come out with ugly results all the bankers who were waiting in the sidelines to declare their results will come out.

these nationalized bank guys were waiting for some banks to declare results so that their number did not look ugly. Interesting.

Now I think with increasing inflation RBI is gonna to raise REPO every month and it is fun time. Meanwhile the much awaiting festival session is failed as per the preliminary news. But the end result has not come yet...

Let us wait.

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  1. i have no faith in RR global markets will do the real thing 3.% on US 10 year will take it directly to 6% that is doubling. so hopefully they dont create a bubble which they can. Oct 29 is a turn window which happens to be FOMC 30th i think that will tell what happens to mkts...but the 1770 mark in SNp shows global shock coming going by the momentum and crazy leveraging .

    wait and watch global shock possible faster than many expect