Friday, November 22, 2013

Is it so near??

No change again in freshers' salary: TCS | Business Standard

when mangoman says inflation laugh...but when corporates fraud new joinees we keep mum...

Moily's diesel maths doesn't add up | Business Standard

This guy is telling he is gonna to deregulate diesel price in 6 months knowing fully aware in 6 months he will be jobless...he wants to sell IOC to unassuming he openly lying..still no body questioning his intent...good country

Red flag over realty exposure of banks | Business Standard

When mangoman says the country's banking network is fullly gone due to real estate, you laugh and brand mangomen as party what?

stilll may to come out...

Interestingly Maharastra government says they are not going to honour RTI applications about housing societies. Is there law exists in this banana republic?

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  1. Any new insights lately?

    Maybe the strengthening US economy will save India. That plus the euphoria over a possible change in government.