Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New highs for Equity Indices :)

The Indian share markets are hitting new highs. Investors are laughing all the way to bank. The advance decline ratio of the shares are heavily in the favor of advances. Except the first sentence all the other sentences are dark comedy. We are witnessing a strange rally wherein nobody is making money.

Even the FII's who are controlling the markets also not making any money in this rally although I feel they are trying their level best to control their losses. As I said, the below article says about the FII's plight in Indian Stock market. http://www.firstpost.com/investing/hotel-california-sensex-remarkable-belief-of-fiis-in-india-1206073.html

Now we are seeing some articles in main stream media about the disconnect between the food production and food prices. If this is indeed true ( which is very true if you see through common sense), then this is shame on  economist PM, Harvard educated FM etc. All these cheats are fooling us just to make money for themselves. Drinking own citizens blood in order to stay in power is unbearable.

Whoever talks about supply side issues are cheaters and the inflation in India is purely because of excessive money printing and there are plenty of evidences for this farce. RBI has become a laughing stock.  A large portion of people are robbed in the name of inflation and very few of people are benefited.

The end game is near as the inflation is uncontrollable now.  We are in stagflation.  

The much hyped October festival sales bombed everywhere. Car sales figures slapped at the face of corporates and rulers.

Out of targeted 2000 crores of consumer loans in a large PSB, so far only 6 crore has been disbursed. I have never seen people buy fridge and washing machine by borrowing from PSB. Desperate attempt of cheaters are bombing at their face.

HSBC services PMI is -ve.

IIP data is -ve.

What else?  Still these guys are not serious and shamelessly celebrating the cooked up CAD figures. Our Government is not bothered about rewarding the savers and they are not bothered about the smuggled gold into the country as they donot want the gold import figures officially affecting their CAD. I see no evidence that people stopped buying jewels suddenly to save the ass of the corrupt government.

Only hope is RBI and Rajan. But will be act before we reach the point of no return?

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