Friday, November 15, 2013

Is Raghuram Rajan beginning to disappoint?

This weeks market manipulation by Raghuram Rajan in support with government is well documented and I do not want to add anything more to it. The blatant way in which  government threaten the market is scary. Even Raghuram Rajan is taking comfort at the minuscule improvement in the core inflation which nobody is able to see :)

The question is that whether RGR started to panic and falling in line with the fraudsters who run the country? If so, then it is very scary situation.

The IIP is in -ve for many months now and is being shown positive with lot of data manipulation.

The inflation is in double digits for many months now and even that is manipulated to  maximum possible extent even then these data are ugly looking.

These guys are now looking for divine intervention and thus making our life dangerous. I am beginning to lose confidence on Raghuram Rajan also.

When you can cut MSF rate any time, why not you increase Repo Rate anytime to tame inflation?

The matter of fact is RGR is not a inflation hawk, he is merely another pawn or puppet for the government.

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  1. no faith in him he will panic when US RATES RISE ONLY till then they will RIG the mkt