Sunday, January 6, 2013

Comedy by Deepak Parekh

Just like the comedy episodes by Godrej, now Deepak also trying his hand. Remember this dude is the chairman of world's most valued bank. This bank is one of the 'so called banks' which sucks the ordinary tax payers money by getting funds at cheap cost due to governments policies. We will talk his credentials later.

For the week he was seen telling ' If India is downgraded, the western economies should be downgraded by several notches'

We will think about this little more:

1. First it is school boy mentality by Deepak asking to look others problems and not looking into your own problems
2. Current account deficit and fiscal deficit is growing alarmingly. So we have a problem. There is a saying ' see your back before commenting others'
3. Inflation has gone out of control partly because of the guys like Deepak who time and again come on broker channels to talk about the need to 'reducing rate'. Tomorrow if we go down, the same wolves will tell RBI could have done a better job.
4. Western economy problem is very different from India because of our population
5. Crony capitalism which benefits the corporate like Deepak is not in western countries.

Any takers??

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