Friday, July 19, 2013

Chidambaram's slaves in RBI needs basic economic training

RBI panicked and rejected the bids for both sale & purchase of auctions in this week. When it signals monetary tightening for rates, it should have known that bond yields will increase. This is basic economics. I think they would have got some message from FM and FM would have got pressure from Indian Corporate Mafia.

Finally I think these jokers will see the downgrade very soon. I hope that happens as early as next month. Basic economic says you raise interest rates to save domestic currency.  But RBI, India's celebrated institution which is reduced to a sorry joker off late, is trying a novel method even Ben Bernanke would be envy. If RBI ploy had worked then it is lesson for all the central bankers to learn.

Already RBI officials made all the banks to close their short positions on Rupee/Dollar trade. Again when they say our aim to curb speculation on Rupee on RBI money, no fool will believe this. They should openly tell that we need to raise rates to save rupees. Otherwise allow Rupee to depreciate. dont be a comedy piece. People still look to RBI to save the country.

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