Friday, July 5, 2013

US 10 year treasury at 2.704

Will it cause a crash in Indian share markets. Let us see what can happen Monday.

9.15 AM  Indian Markets Tank by 2-3%. Because already Brazil markets tanked by 3% until now. The dollar index is at 84.70 and US Bond mentioned in title is at 2.706. It makes sense to FII to withdraw their bonds.

10.00 AM  Real Estate and Share Markets Welfare Minister Chidambaram will come on TV to convince traders and FII.

10.30 AM  Arvind mayaram and Raghuram rajan willl come on TV and put the blame on US currency.

11.00 AM chamcha singh will come and predict the bottoming out of Indian economical slump for 100000000th time.

11.30 AM Rangarajan will talk in CNBC and will gently nudge RBI.

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  1. In the middle of this, the president has approved the food security ordinance! What will this do to our credit rating?