Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Whom we are trying to fool?

Now RBI and Government has come up with a smart act to hoodwink mangoman of the banana republic. http://www.anirudhsethireport.com/india-in-depth-time-to-treat-savers-fairly/#more-138629 savers are being royally screwed.

Idiot mangomen without knowing what is hitting them preparing excel sheets which shows the appreciation of his house property ( 25% per year :)  When the tide goes back we will see who are all swimming naked. The mangoman are royally raped by the government and RBI yet again.

Without shame and no fear of getting arrest for hoodwinking people, Chidambaram yet again asks people not to buy gold. The opposition is not doing anything either. Eventhough Modi raised his pitch yesterday but it is not enough still.

RBI and Government are thinking they have done something. It may help for a day or two. But our problems are difficult to address unless we hit the right spots. Gold import has reduced only for this month and expected to raise again as we dont have any other saving instrument in this negative interest rate regime. Without touching Repo rate government is also tellng their intent of raping savers continnously.

Car sales tumbling
Real estate deals are not coming
IIP is in minus
Inflation is going up

Where are we going?

Chamcha singh and Rangarajan are giving bad hope. It is better Raghurajan can resign to save his reputation

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