Thursday, July 18, 2013

RBI thoroughly humiliated

What a mess RBI has created?

Yesterday they wanted to drain the liquidity. Today they increase the liquidity. They just want to keep the nifty index up. Even they donot care about Rupee. Rupee did not move an inch when RBI announced half hearted measures. Nifty moved  a lot and poised to move a lot more tomorrow.

Dont be surprised to see a ban on short selling in Indian Share Markets until the next general elections. Government on right path to take this country to destruction. The way they do it  is amazing. Even opposition is not questioning all this. One feel very sad about RBI and so far nobody has stooped to this level as Subbarao has done.

Whether all the banks ganged up togeather  ( with governments tacit support) or RBI's ineffectiveness! we dont know. But country is screwed. Wait and see

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